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Postby kyno » Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:33 pm

Hi all,

Been on L2 now since Jan 2008 started off on Bartz, moved to Teon about 4 months ago and definitely here to stay :D
Absolute newbie to MMORPG's only started on it due to rest of the watch going on about WoW :lol: , one of them runs a guild on there.
Enjoying L2 its a nice break from the real world and try to log on most nights, work permitting.

Want to do all the big boy stuff on the game, the top bosses and the clan conflicts :twisted:

Cheers for all your help so far and i always welcome more help :dance:

my toons are

Lokjor - lvl 61 Paladin
RazrBack - lvl 53 Tyrant
both in the clan, i also have a lvl 44 PR which atm is clanless, and a lvl 44 WS which i hardly ever go on

look forward to partying with other members and doing the bigger more challenging stuff :shock:

ok off my lil'soap box :boohoo:

cya's :brawo:
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